My Application

1. Submit Enrollment Materials

Upload these documents at least TWO MONTHS before your program start date.

  • Passport biometrics page (the page with your photo on it)
  • Photo (for your public transportation ID)
  • ESC agreement (signed)
  • Transcripts (unofficial copy)
  • Health insurance card or document
  • Letter of good standing (only needed from summer students)

Please use your name in the file names you upload to avoid confusion. It is preferred that documents are PDF files and photos are JPG files. The maximum allowed file size (in kilobytes) for an uploaded file is 5 MB (5000 kb)

Example: passport_doe_jane.pdf

2. Submit Pre-departure Materials

Answer ALL questions in the following sections at least ONE MONTH before your program start date.

  • Arrival and flight information
  • Health and dietary information
  • Rooming preferences
  • Emergency contact information

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